Frederic is a proven business leader, innovator, and sales & marketing performance maximiser with enormous energy and vision. In his career, he has increased the bottom lines of several software MNCs and SMEs by focusing his efforts on sales & marketing restructuring and financial excellence. He’s solved complex problems and stimulated breakthrough thinking and execution with both his management and direct reports.

Frederic’s nonlinear strategic and critical thinking allows him and his team to identify and change the patterns that limit and restrict business growth. Furthermore, by looking at situations from different angles, he’s uncovered overlooked opportunities, hidden talents and underperforming activities. A continuous learner, he continuously takes success concepts from different industries and adapt them to the business at hand. He’s developed principles that make the difference between mediocrity and generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Frederic believes strongly in ethical business practices and is a champion for anyone who wants to build their own business, advance their career, increase their wealth, and add to their personal growth.